Dehydrating Apples

So a few months ago Amazon had a deal on a dehydrator.  Every year we have 3 large pear trees that a lot of the fruit just goes to waste, so I ordered it to try out to hopefully be able to save some of these pears for later.

Last night, my mother in law gave us a bunch of apples that she didn’t want so I decided to give the dehydrator a try.  I started by slicing the apples into quarter inch slices.  Then I added a small amount of cininamon on top.  No sugar is needed as they will be plenty sweet on their own.  

Then I set the temperature to 135 degrees and left it overnight!

When I checked on them this morning they were still a little soft so I let them keep going.  Finally after about 12 hours I got my finished product.  They were still a little chewy, but hardened up after cooling. 

Overall I’m pleased with the outcome and the fact that I made something at home, preservative free and pretty healthy for us! I can’t wait to try it on our pears once they come in!