Beekeeping Week 6

So because of the lovely weather in SC we were unable to go into the hives during week 5, it was just too chilly and wet that I thought that it would do more harm then good.  To say I was pleasantly surprised when we finally got in there this week was an understatement!

In Hive 1, the stronger of the two, was the one that I had added the super to last time.  They had filled around 4 frames full of wax and had a good amount of honey going into the center of them!  This is such great news as what they are currently building will be there food for the winter!  Once they fill up this super, any additional will be ours to harvest.  Although, I am thinking because of the mild winters we may give them two hives to survive on so that I don’t risk them running out of honey and having to feed them a simple syrup mixture.

Hive 1 also saw a great increase in bees as the brood matured to adults.  There was space in the centers of the frames where they had come out, leaving room for the queen to lay more eggs, increasing the numbers even more!

Hive 2 also had great growth since week 4!  I was worried about this one as they were so much further behind Hive 1, but when we went in they had filled a lot more of the frames, so much so that I think by next week they should be ready for another super!

Around the farm there is so much flowering.  We’ve got blackberries all over the place, and they are blooming at different rates so there is always a supply from them.  There is also so many wild flowers!  Austin and I were out deciding where to put different crops we’re planning on planting and there we’re just spots of white flowers everywhere, not to mention all the honey suckle!  I even managed to get some pics of my girls in action at the blackberries that are below!  The conditions are right and they seem to be responding to them to build themselves a strong hives!

I did learn a lesson this week, usually under my bee jacket I’ve been wear tank tops, or something sleeveless because it gets rather warm with all the layers.  Well last week one of my girls decided that she was not a fan of mine and managed to sting me through my jacket, not fun!  So from now on out, I’ll have a long sleeve shirt on, no matter how hot it gets!

I am so excited at how much progress they were able to get done in 2 weeks, I can’t wait until next week to see how much more they have done!